Since we’re an 80-plus-year-old company, you might expect us to be set in our ways. While our heritage has garnered the utmost respect and loyalty from our customers and suppliers, we take pride in experimentation and innovation. Driven by our mission to facilitate, cultivate and honor relationships, our forward-thinking management and cross-functional teams are designed to encourage unique contributions. Intrigued?

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What We Look For

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    Be Bold. Be Humble.

    To maintain a fun and productive environment, we support wild experimentation and decisive action. The spirit of our brand is to charge ahead courageously and freely, and we work to attract people who have the gumption, expertise and openness to solve challenging problems for our customers.

  • Design Team

    Love Food. Love People.

    Many of us come from professional culinary backgrounds. We are inspired by culinary trends and traditions and put our refined palates to use far beyond our office walls. Whether it’s cooking with our friends and families, sharing recipes or avidly following the food and restaurant scene, we enjoy the many ways food brings people together.

  • Learn. Work. Balance.

    Roland Foods is a learning environment—things are changing and moving at an exhilarating pace. We look for ways to balance workplace demands with workplace fun by incorporating team activities centered on enjoying food and each other, taking care of our health and wellbeing, and serving the community around us in meaningful ways.

  • Roland Team

    Be Dedicated.

    We’ve been working with the same great mushroom supplier for over 80 years. We’ve been known to finetune olive pit ratios in customized packaging. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality and consistency for our customers, and we believe in taking care of our community of suppliers, producers and coworkers.

  • Roland Office

    Enjoy an Open Environment.

    Our open floor plan and modern glass conference rooms foster both individual productivity and teamwork. We encourage innovative thinking and doing. We understand that someone’s talents can be helpful across different departments and projects, and we don’t let traditional org charts become boundaries.

  • Roland Office

    Celebrate a Job Well Done.

    We celebrate victories big and small, whether it’s shipping a big order, overcoming a technical issue or being the office ping-pong champion. We also celebrate our diversity: Our team comes from many countries and cultures, and our varied experiences contribute to our success as an international food company.

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