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MAY 2019

Epicurious picked us – you should too!

Roland® Red Wine Vinegar was a runner-up in Epicurious “The Best Red Wine Vinegar You Can Buy in the Store.” Of 18 vinegars, ours was runner up for overall “Best” and named “The best inexpensive red wine vinegar.”  Our product was called out for “boasting notes of dark red plums” and being “plenty acidic with balanced overall flavor.”

Read the article at Epicurious

APRIL 2019

Sardine Box Art

We love how much love our sardine boxes have gotten since we re-designed them. We see them showing up in chef and home cook’s pantries, on Instagram and now we’re delighted to see this great work by artist Bella McGoldrick.

Read the article at Trendland
The New York Times Magazine

MARCH 2019

Roland Foods Anchovies featured again in the NYTimes!

Lately we’ve been hearing several writers and chefs wax on about the delight they find in our tins of anchovies—so much to love!

Read the article at The New York Times Magazine
PR Newswire

January 2019

Roland Foods Acquires Albert Uster Imports

We’re excited about this announcement and what the future holds!
Here are a few more articles about this great news:
Deli Market News

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bon appetit roland sardines

December 2018

Roland Sardines featured in Bon Appetit

Read the article at Bon Appetit

September 2018

Emma’s Torch in Time

Time has declared our partner Emma’s Torch “One of the World’s 100 Greatest Places 2018.” Wow. We are so proud and in awe.​
Read the article at Time
Deli Market News-Levenberg

August 2018

Mandy Levenberg with Roland Foods Announces a Brand Re-Fresh and More on Deli Market News

Read the article at Deli Market News
Deli Market News-Della Rocca

August 2018

Roland Foods’ Chris Della Rocca Discusses Latest Releases on Deli Market News

Read the article at Deli Market News
The New Yorker

August 2018

Emma’s Torch in The New Yorker

Roland Foods iconic images in The New Yorker​? Yes. Indeed. We continue to ride on the coat tails of the great press that Emma’s Torch continues to receive. We feel immense pride in our ongoing support for this organization.

Read the article at The New Yorker

July 2018

Roland Sardines

“These wild-caught sardines come in maybe the most beautiful pink and turquoise box of all time, and the skinless, boneless oil-packed fillets are buttery, rich, and neutral-tasting, without the intense fishiness that often comes with tinned seafood. I want to have these on hand always.”

—Alex Testere​

Read the article at Saveur

June 2018

Defining Your Brand’s Personality Through Illustration

Read the article at Buttermilk
Emma’s Torch

May 2018

Emma’s Torch

Our community partner Emma’s Torch has had quite an exciting opening of their new restaurant and re-launch of their chef training program. We’re proud to be supporting their program with financial and in-kind food donations as well as with a donation of our vintage label artwork for their restaurant decor. We are glad to be mentioned in some press coverage and to have our gorgeous Roland Foods labels front and center of many recent articles!

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Tenement Museum interviews Charlie Scheidt

Charlie Scheidt, our former CEO and the son of Roland Foods’ founder Bruno Scheidt, was interviewed for an article on the Tenement Museum website. This conversation reveals a lot about the founding story and principles of Roland Foods.

Read the interview


American Graphic Design Awards

Roland Foods Creative Department is in the news for their excellent package designs!


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