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Winter 2020 Edition

This holiday season, extravagant celebrations will be downsized to smaller intimate gatherings. That said, consumers will still yearn for memorable time spent with loved ones and a traditional, yet elevated menu.

Whether you are preparing for an influx of diners craving that special holiday meal out or prepping pre-packaged take-home options for convenience-seeking hosts, Roland Foods is here to support your holiday needs. Keep reading for our recommended items, tips, tricks, and culinary ideas for a simpler yet more delicious holiday season.

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Product Spotlight

Holiday Gathering

A celebratory time of year, the holiday season calls for festive, sometimes time-intensive recipes. With our wide assortment of high quality, versatile, and ready-to-use items, Roland Foods product selection is perfect for creating next-level dishes that don’t require too much time or space in the kitchen.

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Chutney is not just for holiday gift baskets. A sweet-savory condiment made of fruit and aromatics, chutney is an ingredient powerhouse that can be used to provide balance, highlight a specific flavor, or brighten up dishes. Most importantly, it has countless applications from cheeseboards, sandwiches, dressings, dips, sauces, fillings, marinades, and more.

Major Grey's Mango Chutney

Roland® Major Grey’s Mango Chutney
Item# 70270 | 12/32 OZ

A blend of sweet mangoes, red bell peppers, golden raisins, and zesty spices, this chutney is a delightful balance of sweet, savory, and tangy with a whisper of warmth.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Dip for fried seafood
  • Glaze for roasted meat or veggies
  • Spread on baked brie

Indian Mango Chutney

Roland® Indian Mango Chutney
Item# 70260 | 12/32 OZ

Less sweet compared to Major Grey’s with a kick of heat and a bright fruity taste, this chutney celebrates the flavors of a traditional Indian chutney.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Alongside a comforting curry
  • Combine with yogurt or sour cream for a dip
  • Spread on a sandwich like grilled cheese or chicken salad

Sweet Apple Chutney

Roland® Sweet Apple Chutney
Item# 70212 | 4/38.8 OZ

An easy way to incorporate seasonal flavors, Sweet Apple Chutney is chockfull of Bramley apples, golden raisins, onions, ginger, and white pepper.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Cheeseboard accompaniment
  • Flatbread base
  • Compound butter

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Italian Pestos, Sauces & Spreads

The holidays are a time for abbondanza, better known as “abundance,” in Italian. Whether a full “Feast of the Seven Fishes” or simply a pasta course, consumers may look to include Italian-inspired elements in their at-home menu or wish to see them on a restaurant’s dine-in menu. Roland Foods provides over 600 Italian-inspired ingredients – which do we recommend for a feast abbondanza?


Roland® Pesto
Item# 46914 | 6/22.9 OZ

Vibrant and herbaceous, Pesto is an excellent ingredient for adding a creamy yet fresh element to a holiday menu.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Spoon into soups and stews
  • Stuff chicken or spread on fish
  • Combine with vinegar for a vinaigrette

Arrabbiata Spicy Tomato Bruschetta

Roland® Arrabbiata Bruschetta
Item# 46752 | 6/4.4 LB

Colorful peppers mingle with tomatoes, garlic, and herbs to form a delightfully chunky and spicy bruschetta.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Antipasto tray accompaniment
  • Serve on crostini bread
  • Rustic pasta sauce

White Truffle Oil-EVOO

Roland® White Truffle Oil
Item# 76660 | 2/5L

Only a few drops of Truffle Oil are necessary to infuse dishes with a tantalizing truffle aroma and gourmet edge. *Pair with Balsamic Vinegar or Glaze for the ultimate duo.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Mix into mashed potatoes
  • Drizzle over risotto
  • Sprinkle over eggs

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Sweet Fillings, Toppings & Syrup

According to a 2019 consumer trend report by Technomic, 27% say they eat indulgent desserts more often than two years ago. It also stated that people are more likely to eat dessert when happy. [1] The holidays are no exception. Desserts can be a sweet reminder of traditions, a gracious gift to hosts, or an impressive ending to an exceptional restaurant meal. From cookies, pies, cakes, puddings, and more, Roland Foods is here to help provide the ingredients for that memorable indulgent treat.

Melba Sauce

Roland® Melba Sauce with Black & Red Raspberries
Item# 87166 | 12/2 LB

Made with a combination of pureed and strained black and red raspberries, Melba Sauce has a smooth fluid texture and intense berry flavor.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Spoon onto cheesecake
  • Top an ice cream sundae
  • Mix into frosting

Almond Paste

Roland® Almond Paste
Item# 75262| 2/9 LB

Almond Paste is a smooth paste made of blanched almonds, sweetened with sugar. The main ingredient in marzipan or frangipane, it can be added to a variety of desserts.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Incorporate into pignoli nut or rainbow cookies
  • Sweet surprise in a flaky croissant
  • Layer into brownies

Speculoos Cookie Butter

Roland® Cookie Butter
Item# 65850 | 2/106 OZ

A sweet, rich, and wonderfully creamy spread, Cookie Butter is made from crushed spiced Belgian cookies that are traditionally eaten around the holidays.

Holiday Serving Suggestions

  • Swirl into chocolate bark
  • Use as a filling for sandwich cookies
  • Roll into rugelach

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From Our Culinary Team

Holiday Pies Tips & Tricks

  • Prevent your pie crusts from burning by wrapping the edges with foil after it has browned but before the filling is completely set.
  • Using a metal/aluminum pie pan will produce a baked through crust as the metal conducts more quickly and evenly.
  • For the flakiest pie crusts, make sure your fat is ice cold. This ensures that the fat doesn’t melt too quickly in the dough and creates pockets of steam lending to the flaky texture.

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Entertainment Tray

Culinary Inspiration

Holiday Entertainment Trays

A scene-stealing dish on any party table, trays have always been a staple during the holidays. This season, we expect trays to play an even bigger role. With supermarkets offering limited open-air food bars, we’ve seen an increase in pre-packaged trays offered by retailers and food service providers alike looking for new revenue streams. While there are many benefits to a tray, one of the most important is that they are easy to make and customize with the right tools and ingredients. Check out our holiday-inspired trays below or click the “Tray Concepts” button for more ideas.

Entertainment Tray-Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese Tray

A Perfect Pairing, Sweet and Savory

Cheese, crackers, Chutney, Melba Sauce

Entertainment Tray-Antipasto

Antipasto Tray

Traditional Italian with a Gourmet Twist

Meats, cheese, Bruschetta, Caponata, Truffle crostini

Entertainment Tray-Dessert

Dessert Tray

Star of the Dessert Table

Almond cookies, pretzels, fruit, Cookie Butter, Dulce de Leche

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Sandy Cohen

Special thanks to Sandy for the Holiday Pies Tips & Tricks

Sandy Cohen – Regional Sales Manager

[email protected]

Favorite Roland Foods Product: Almond Paste

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