A Letter from Roland Foods’ CEO, Jim Wagner

Roland Logo 2017

When I was first tapped to become the CEO of Roland Foods over four years ago, I knew that I had big shoes to fill. The Scheidt family and many dedicated employees had built a business based on relationships that began before a distressed departure from Europe and saw them through a new life full of opportunity and growth in New York City. I spent my first few years at Roland Foods making necessary changes to ensure continued success while respecting our company history. We now have warehouses in five cities worldwide, 150 employees, and clients whose partnerships with us range from brand new to 20-plus years strong. And thanks to our customers and our suppliers, we currently have over 1,500 products in our portfolio.

I am humbled and honored to be at the helm of such a great company, and I am excited to announce today that we are relaunching our brand to more accurately represent who we are as a unique specialty food company. We have modified our logo to both honor the history of our company and reflect who we’ve become. We are also launching a new website that’s clean and simple and truly represents who we are as a company in 2017.

Our mission to facilitate, cultivate and honor relationships remains the same. Our identity and our abilities have expanded to become much more than “just a food supplier.” Our customers have come to see us as partners who are just as charged up by filling their latest purchase order as we are when confronted with their ingredient quandary, a request to help create new menu items or the challenge of scouring the earth for the very best olive supplier. 

Take a look around our new site—read about our heritage, find a new recipe, peruse our products and learn more about who we are. Thank you for your loyalty and for coming along with us on the journey of Roland Foods. 



Jim Wagner
CEO, Roland Foods