The Bulletin Special Edition – Coronavirus – Week of March 30th, 2020

The Bulletin Special Edition

Roland Foods Updates


The Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly, affecting every corner of the world. Governments worldwide have ceased air travel, locked down communities and urged citizens to stay at home. While the outlook of Covid-19 is uncertain, our supply chains remain open and our inventory positions strong. We continue to assess the impact of the virus on our business operations and are committed to providing the necessary updates to our customers.

In the last few weeks, the transmission of Covid-19 in China has slowed considerably. Following months of isolation, the Chinese government has relaxed restrictions and is allowing access again to Wuhan, China. As of mid-March, 100% of our suppliers have resumed production and shipment activities, and we do not anticipate any future supply challenges.

Whereas China has seen a decrease in Covid-19 cases, Europe has seen a surge within Italy, Spain, Germany and France. While Italy has been on lockdown since early March, other countries like Spain are also trying to reduce the spread of the virus by tightening restrictions.

Efforts to halt Covid-19 in Europe have not affected commercial activities, and we do not predict near-term risk to our supply chain. However, as noted in our previous letter, we secured an additional supply of high-volume core items from our suppliers in Italy as a precautionary measure.

North America
North America has also seen a significant increase in the spread of Covid-19. The U.S. has recorded more confirmed cases than any other country, and deadlines on restrictions have been prolonged. On Sunday, March 29th, President Trump announced that his administration will extend its federal coronavirus guidelines until April 30th. That said, currently there are no interruptions in the supply of Roland Foods products in North America due to Covid-19.

Roland Foods is dedicated to supporting our partners during these challenging times. We understand that customer needs are subject to change, and we are working hard to pivot our business model as such. We ask that you please let us know how we can help, and we will together embrace challenges and emerge stronger.

Thank you and be well,
Keith Dougherty
Keith Dougherty

Chief Executive Officer

To discuss specific items or ask any Covid-19-related questions, please contact us at 212.741.8290, Ext. 222.