The Canned Canon

Canned Foods Canon

Some ingredients are better straight from the tin. Really

Anchovies: Briny with a deep umami flavor, rich oil-packed ’chovies zing up salad dressings, pasta sauce, pizza (naturally), and more.

Tomatoes: Fresh tomatoes are at peak flavor for a brief spell each year, but cans seal in summer ripeness for any season.

Roasted red peppers: Laborious to make from scratch, these do the heavy lifting for you. Blitz ’em with chicken broth and sherry vinegar for a quick soup.

Artichoke hearts: Toss this springtime delicacy in bright salads and mix into savory dips—straight from the can.

Pimientos: Mild and sweet, these heart-shaped peppers are the perfect base for the caviar of the South, pimiento cheese.