Hot Dogs with Custom Toppings

An Ambitious Menu Refresh

How to elevate a long-standing hot dog program

for a Multi-Unit Convenience Store Chain

Company Size

3300 stores in the USA


Client was seeking to refresh its hot dog program nationwide to attract new customers while improving its offering for those already loyal to its brand.


Insufficient sourcing and logistical know-how
  • An aggressive launch timeline
  • Limited culinary personnel for menu development
  • Inability to meet scaling challenges with speed and flexibility


Roland Foods put its expertise and supply chain to work, fast. We sourced, customized, and commercialized a broad assortment of flavors, textures, spices and sauces to create new toppings for the client while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality.

The Story

Our Purchasing Team leveraged Roland Foods’ vendor base to rapidly source 100 unique items across multiple categories. Our customer received culinary support from Roland Foods’ chefs, who developed a customized hot dog menu and recipes, incorporating the client’s classic offerings with the newly sourced ingredients.

Our Global Sourcing and Sales Strategists hosted tastings and ideation sessions with the client’s key decision makers to pick preferred items. And our Food Safety and Quality and Safety Department collaborated with our suppliers and the client to gather and draft necessary regulatory and compliance documents, ensuring a fast go-to-market path.

The award-winning Roland Foods Creative Team then created customer-facing and kitchen-friendly labels, incorporating the chain’s branding requirements and project-specific requests.

Roland Foods' Import and Warehouse departments coordinated and planned the products’ import and distribution to fulfill the needs of the pilot launch and next phases.


  • 100 Condiments

    from 13 suppliers were flown in by Roland Foods

  • 6 Recipe Concepts

    developed by Roland Foods and rolled out by the client to their customers

  • 11 Condiments

    were commercialized in less than 3 months customized for the client’s needs

  • 400 Stores in 4 Months

    menu was scaled from 4 to 400 stores in 4 months after pilot program met great success

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