Kalamata Olive Bread

Development of a New Bakery Item

Olive bread

for an Industrial Bakery

Company Size

727 stores in the USA


A research and development chef expressed interest in working with us after struggling to find a solution for a high-priority project. The company, an industrial bakery, was seeking to develop a new product to offer nationwide to attract new customers while expanding its offering for customers already loyal to the brand. The product required kalamata olives, which vary in size, shape, color, taste and pit risk. It became apparent that the client needed a fully integrated partner to help achieve its vision.


  • The growing season for kalamata olives is particularly complex, making supplier relationships key
  • Client’s high standard of operational efficiency required product that minimized waste
  • Client needed help quantifying pit risk
  • Client needed Roland Foods’ expert insights and market visibility regarding the challenging crop season


Roland Foods put its expertise and supply chain to work.

The Story

This client needed an expert partner who could understand its company’s operational standards and leverage various relationships across the supply chain to guide them through the complexities and obstacles in developing this product. The customer had a single point of contact at Roland Foods who coordinated with supply chain partners to acquire the right product, worked internally to strategize and adjust the packaging to meet the customer’s standards, and collaborated with the customer to refine product and manage risk.


Kalamata olives


  • In-Depth Research

    We researched olive acquisition, quality, color and pit risk and managed the creation of a new operating procedure

  • Custom Packaging

    Roland Foods reengineered packaging to meet client’s specifications

  • Reduced Risk

    We invested in the supply chain so client could get its test locations ready on deadline

  • Monitoring & Intelligence

    We consistently provided market intel and pricing impact so client could continue to manage risk

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