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Your culinary guide to drinking and dining with shrubs.

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Shrubs are a blend of fruit juices and vinegar, often used as mixers that add a tart and slightly sweet flavor to drinks…and, in our case, food!

Before industrial agriculture and refrigeration, fruits were often preserved with vinegar and sugar to be enjoyed outside of the growing season. The resulting preserving liquid, called a shrub, was a sweet, tart balance of the sugary fruit juice and the acidic vinegar. In Colonial America, these original shrubs were mixed with cool water and enjoyed as a summertime drink. The sweet and fruity flavors helped to refresh, while the tartness roused an appetite.

From craft cocktails in lounges, to appetite-inducing drinks in gastropubs, the complex flavors that shrubs add to drinks give mixologists a new dimension of flavors with which to work. Although there are many different variations on shrubs, ranging from “drinking vinegars” with digestive benefits, to alcoholic, cordial-style shrubs, Roland® Shrubs more closely follow the Colonial American style. They are non-alcoholic, made simply with fruit juices and vinegar—and without added sugar.

Roland® Honey Ginger Shrub with Bacon

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Shrubs are not only delicious in drinks; their perfectly balanced sweet-tart flavors are also excellent for cooking. To illustrate this, we explored Roland® Shrubs through the concept of a pairings menu. You will find three of our nine Shrubs used in a drink alongside a corresponding dish.

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