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10 Tinned Roland™ Products You Should Have in Your Pantry

Let’s be real: There are days when you arrive home after a long day at work, the refrigerator is empty, and your stomach is grumbling. That’s when an expertly stocked pantry is most essential, enabling you to whip up satisfying and delicious on the fly. Of course, knowing what you actually need is the first step. With these 10 products, you’re on your way to a properly stocked pantry.

Sardine Toast

5 Elegant Ways to Serve Tinned Food This Holiday Season

Throwing a holiday party can sap your time and resources, which is why canned foods—anchovies, sardines, and more—deserve a place on your party table. Prepared thoughtfully, these preserved goodies will more than satisfy your guests. They just might steal the show. Need ideas? Here are five ways to make tinned food shine at this year’s festivities.

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